Our Vision & Mission

Vatsalya stands for a mother's love for her child, pure, precious, unconditional, ever giving, adorned with fine morals and values, believing in the supreme power of bonding and binding everyone with love. Describing Vatsalya in a nutshell is a herculean task. The word seems to be ageless, living through ages and existing since eternity. It stands for Past, Present and Future. Before any sort of script was coined, Vatsalya was there as a divine messenger spreading love and warmth over the Universe.

Vatsalya is coming up with a huge Responsibility, a Challenge and a Mission. Responsibility towards each individual, towards their growth and towards their success. Challenge, to transform them into accomplished human beings. A Mission, to spread love, trust and bonding among them.

The Vision of Vatsalya is to enable each and every student to

Attain excellence - in their respective fields, to provide a conducive academic environment, to facilitate teaching-learning process and to imbibe humane qualities in them.

Inculcate Humility and Simplicity - a rare feature in today's material world. Vatsalya intends to create a bigger horizon for the children and realize their dreams by dedication, sincerity and hard work. Vatsalya is focused to guide its students towards their respective goals and to help them to achieve them with a sharp and critical eye similar to that of 'ARJUNA'.


By inculcating "CHARITY" among students, we can make them humble and thinking beings. Vatsalya shall embrace all within its warm fold with equality, fairness, warmth and justice and a thirst for love that can never be quenched. Preserve and cherish our rich cultural heritage - We as Indians, take pride in our humble lineage and a rich culture. Society is the real face of the country. It is like a mirror which is laden with dust comprising of diminishing morals and values, artificiality, shallowness in relationships, growing generation gaps, indiscipline, insensitive and insecure youth. Countless things can hamper our growth, harm our harmonious lineage and cause a serious damage to our most cherished and precious heritage. To dust the mirror with a gentle and a sensitive hand, without spoiling its sparkle and shine is the need of the hour. To restore its impeccable image, serious and thoughtful measures should be adopted. Vatsalya shall strive hard to fulfill this mission.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To build feelings of nationalism.
  • Inculcating moral values to make pupil worthy enterprising citizen.
  • Being the feeling of brotherhood towards collegues.
  • Inculcating diciplined life.
  • All round physical, mental and spiritual development.
  • Make self sufficient, intellectual individuals.
  • Learn to respect elders, compassion for poor and needy and tolerance towards youngsters.
  • To excel in academics and co-curricular activities with sportsmanship spirit.
  • To develop qualities of leadership.
  • Awareness towards the need of quality education.

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